Learning Indonesian

Learning Indonesian

This category is for the ones who want to study and learn Indonesian. The lesson is made on step by step, bit by bit to make it easy to understand.

Indonesian Alphabets

How Many Are Indonesian Alphabets ?

Twenty Six! The answer to the question "How Many Are Indonesian Alphabets?" is twenty six. Indonesian language adopted the same alphabet system as many other languages in the world by using Latin characters. There is no additional or special characters used...
How to spell vowel E in Indonesian

How To Spell Vowel E in Indonesia

There are two ways to spell vowel E in Indonesian. Yes, two! There are two sounds of the vowel. One of them can be matched to the sound of the same vowel in English but the other can't. Let's see what...
How to say thank you in Indonesian

How To Say Thank You In Indonesian

How to say thank you in Indonesian? I believe such a question will raise in your mind if you have a plan to visit the country. For sure, as a civilized person, expressing a gratitude for someone help or when interactions...
Indonesia Simple Sentence

Indonesian Simple Sentence : INI and ITU

Now, you may have learned about how to spell Indonesian words. So, let's step a bit forward by trying to make Indonesian simple sentence. (If you haven't learned, please take a bit step backward to see about "how to spell"...
Learn Indonesia

Why Should I Learn Indonesian ?

Why should I learn Indonesian? Probably, this thought crawl to your mind when you find this website. Why do I have to read a website talking only about Indonesia. Indonesia is just another country, especially only a developing one with...
No Tenses In Indonesian

No Tenses in Indonesian Language

No Tenses In Indonesian Language - In English, a tense is defined as " a verb-based method used to indicate the time, and sometimes the continuation or completeness, of an action or state in relation to the time of speaking....
How TO Pronounce IVowel U In Indonesian

How To Pronounce Vowel U In Indonesian

How to pronounce vowel U in Indonesian? Actually, if you are an English speaker, you should already hear how the sound of Indonesian vowel U is. No, it is not like U in English. Absolutely different. In English, a U is...
How to spell vowel A in Indonesian

How To Spell Vowel A In Indonesian (With Voice)

How to spell vowel A in Indonesian? Definitely not difficult at all. After reading the explanation and also do some practice then you can master it. Before you start to practice, let me explain it a bit about the vowel...
Indonesian Noun

Introduction To Indonesian Noun

Indonesian Noun - Like also other languages in the world, Indonesian has words categorized as "noun". Of course it has, otherwise, we, Indonesians can not make sentences. Indonesian noun functions similar to English , Japanese or others. Usually, it is...