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The Most Dangerous Sport in Indonesia Football #PrayforKanjuruhan

The Most Dangerous Sport in Indonesia : Football #PrayforKanjuruhan

People may argue a lot about this but a yesterday event happened in Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang, East Java showed that…

How to call uncle in Indonesian

How To Call Uncle in Indonesian?

If your father/mather has a brother or brothers, in English, you will call him/them, UNCLE but do you know how…


Knife Sharpener : Old Profession That Still Exists

What do you do when the knife is dull and can no longer cut meat or vegetables properly?In Indonesia, many…

Indonesia Railroad Crossing Habit

Indonesia Railroad Crossing Habit

Talking about the characteristics of the Indonesian people, perhaps, you don’t have to read many books or literature. You just…

River Gravel and Sand Miner

[PICTURES] River Gravel and Sand Miner

Indonesia has been moving to a modern country direction. Digital life has been widely accepted with open hand. The style…

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