10 Longest Rivers in Indonesia

The  Longest River in Indonesia - Kapuas RiverRivers have been the center of civilization since many centuries ago, and around the world. History recorded the Egyptian culture and civilization located near the Nile, Mespotamian in Tigris.

The same can be found here, Indonesia. Jakarta, the Capital of Indonesia was built around several rivers such as Ciliwung and Citarum.

Rivers have played important role in the life of Indonesians in the past and present. Rivers have been used not only as water provider for daily usage but also to transport people from one place to another. Some culture and people have been found to live even on surface of rivers.

There are quite many long rivers in this country. Few of them have more than 1000 kilometers in length.

Almost all of long rivers in Indonesia are located in the big five Islands, especially Kalimantan (Borneo), Papua, and Sumatera. Rivers in Java and Sulawesi are much shorter than their colleagues in those three Island. Only one of the longest rivers in Indonesia is in Java and none in Sulawesi.

Do you want to know the longest rivers in Indonesia, here it is. You can find on the below list.

10 Longest Rivers in Indonesia

1. Kapuas River

The Kapuas River is the longest river in Indonesia with a length of 1,143 km. The river is located on the island of Borneo. One end of the water is in Muller and the other one in Karimata Strait.

This river has a very important function, especially for the residents of the area in its path. They use it  a mean of transportation, including to send logs from the logging area to the sawmills.

2. Mahakam River

After the Kapuas River, there is the Mahakam River who ranked second in the list of the longest river in Indonesia.

The river is also located on the island of Borneo (Kalimantan), more precisely in East Kalimantan. The length of this river reach 909 km.

The downstream lies in the Makassar Strait. Same with the Kapuas River, the river has been the source of life for many people live near the stream.

3. Barito River

Barito river is ocated in Kalimantan island as well.

This river has a length of 909 km, similar to Mahakam River.

The river springs at the headwaters long in Kalimantan, namely Muller mountains. This third longest river streams across two provinces , Central Kalimantan and South Kalimantan.

4. Batanghari River

Batang Hari river is one of the longest river in Sumatera Island.

This river has a length of 800 km, the upstream is from Mount Rasan and its downstream is in Sabak Estuary, the eastern part of the island of Sumatra.

5. Musi River

Musi river has a length of 750 km and is located on the island of Sumatra, South Sumatra, more precisely.

This is the second longest river , after the Batang Hari River in the island. The upstream is located in the area Kepahiang, Bengkulu. While the downstream is in the Region Breech, the eastern part of the island of Sumatra.

6. Indragiri River

rAnother River in Sumatra that is also included in the list of the longest river in Indonesia is the Indragiri River in the province of Riau.

This river has a length of 500 km. The river’s flow is derived from two rivers named River of Ombilin and Sinamar River.

7. Mamberamo River

Memberamo river is in Papua. The length of this river reach 670 km. The source of the water comes from the meeting of several tributaries the River Tariku, Taritatu river and river Daalen. The downstream of the river is located in the Pacific Ocean.

8. Digul River

Another Indonesia longest river is located in Papua , Digul River. The length of this river reach 525 km with the spring comes from the mountains and it downstreams in the sea of Maoke Arafuru.

9. Seruyan River

The river is located in Central Kalimantan and has a length of 350 km, much shorter than the first 3 longest rivers which are in Kalimantan Island but still longer than the longest river in Java.

Water in the river comes from a spring in the northern part of Central Kalimantan Province.

10. Bengawan Solo River

Perhaps you are already quite familiar with the Bengawan Solo River.

The river name is used as the title of a fammous song in Indonesia. The river flow comes from the springs of Mount Lawu to the Java Sea.The length of its stream is aroune 300 kilometers.

Bengawan Solo is the only river in Java that can be included into the list of Indonesia longest rivers

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