Another Shopping Trolley Function Invented by Indonesian

another function of shopping trolley invented by Indonesian

Indonesians are known to have a society full of creative people and they have a habit to surprise everyone by finding something that is never imagined before. Having quite often visiting hypermarts or supermarkets accompanying my lovely wife, I am quite sure that Indonesians have invented, or at least found, another function of shopping trolley.

The designer of the tool, for sure, has never intended shopping trolley to do this duty. No doubt about that.

A baby stroller and sometimes a toddler stroller. It is the function found by many Indonesian moms and dads.

another function of shopping trolley invented by Indonesian 2

Yes, it is not without a reason.

Putting a baby or a kid (sometimes more than 10 years old) inside a shopping trolley, like shown by pictures in this article is considered common. Many Indonesians do this everytime they visit superstores such as Giant, Carrefour, or other supermarket to buy household needs. That’s why, then it is easy to spot Indonesians who buy a little (sometimes only few bottle of milk and a kilogram of eggs) but take a shopping trolley instead of a basket because they need it , not to carry their purchase but their kids.

They never think, or even care that the trolley is not designed to carry kids inside and the weight of the kids, which is not seldom more than the capacity, can cause some parts to brak. They don’t pay much attention of things. As long as they don’t have to tote their kids and their kids are quiet and don’t disturb their shopping time, then everything is fine.

Therefore, as a result , it is not difficult to find broken trolleys in many places. Trolley’s wheels are one of the parts that often don’t work properly besides the folded mounting inside that is intended to put lighter items. The latter is the favorite place parents like to sit their children.

another function of shopping trolley invented by Indonesian 3

This habit has also created another problem, especially the ones who want to buy in volume. They often face with a situation that only baskets are available which are definitely not enough for what they plan to buy.

Although some supermarkets, like Giant has provided also some specials trolley for kids (a shopping trolley with smaller cart in front for kids), but it can not reduce the habit.

I have visited 14 countries and quite many times come to supermarkets. I didn’t see people functioned shopping trolleys as baby or kid strollers. Western parents I met in stores often carried their baby using sling or carrying cloth and toddlers walked next to their parents but only very .. very few occasions, I saw their kids were inside a trolley.

So, I believe it is quite safe to say Indonesians are the inventor of another function of a shopping trolley. Do you agree with me? Or is there similar habit in your country?

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