Article Submission

Dear Friends,

You can send your article using this form.

Basically, no strict rules. But, please do not be a spammer. You can write your experience, your travel story, and even your vacation photos during your time in Indonesia.

Few guidances are

  1. Please register first. This is to enable the system to include you as a user of this website.
  2. Please login. I would like your name to be mentioned at the bottom of your article, so people will know about you.
  3. There is no limitation on how many words your article is but 300 words will be work better.
  4. You can upload an image (maximum 2) with the size minimum 400×300 and max 640×400
  5. Please choose a category from the scroll down menu. If you are not sure, then just leave it uncategorized and I will do the rest.
  6. The articles will be pending until I approve it. Not because, I don’t trust you but perhaps I may need to arrange the lay out of the article for better appearance. Also, this is to avoid spammy article.

That’s all folks. You can now start writing your article (s).



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