Barong Mask : The Representation of the Good

Barong Mask Kesiman Village , Bali

The above picture taken in Kesiman Village, Bali, the God’s Island looks scarying. However, if you ever have a chance to visit the island, then you may have a chance to meet such appearance. The above is the picture of Barong Mask.

The reason you may see this creepy “creature” because Barong Dance is considered as a must see performance during your stay in Bali (beside Kecak dance). The shows represent one the gist of Bali’s belief and culture. So, you can expect your tour guide if you use one of them will propose you to see the show. This mean, you will see this scarying figure on the stage.

Even though, the mask may cause kids crying but actually, in the myth, Barong represents the Good. Barong will fight against their enemy, Rangda, the represtation of the evil.

In the show, Barong character will be played by two persons as Barong is told to be a creature with four legs. One dancer, the front one will wear the mask (which seems quite heavy).

Barong Figure in Kesiman Village, Bali

There are several types of Barong Mask in Bali , so you may find a bit different Barong character in other stage than the one shown in the above picture that was taken in Kesiman Village.

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