The Beautiful Cigamea Waterfall, Bogor, West Java

The Beautiful Waterfall

Are you looking for a quiet and beautiful place as your hideaways during your visit to Jakarta? Then, please go south to a city called Bogor. It is one among 4 satellite cities surrounding Jakarta, the Capital of Indonesia.

The city has been known as the Rain City of Indonesia due to its habit to have rain more than 200 days in a year. It is known also to have many tourism areas.

Every year, more than 4 millions tourists, both locals and foreigners, pay a visit to various places in Bogor.

One of the main attraction in the city, besides it vast culinaries, is waterfalls. Perhaps, cataracts are more suitable word than waterfalls can give you false impression that the size is big and tall, like a Niagara Fall. No, it is not like that. The waterfalls in Bogor is small with averag height in between 10-50 meters.

Bogor, thanks to its being among three mountains, inherited quite many cataracts surrounding the city. Those small size waterfalls have invited people from surrounding cities, especially Jakarta to come.

One of them is located 33 kilometers on west side of Bogor Regency on the foothill of Mount Salak, the Silver mountain. Its name is Cigamea waterfall.

The beautiful Cigamea watefall

Cigamea waterfall is among the tallest cataracts in Bogor. It is almost 50 meters in height. I should have said waterfalls, because Cigamea refers to a name of twin cataracts sitting side by side.

This tourist destination offeres to everyone who come, abundance of fresh air, cool water, and most of all, very beautiful landscape.

The place should be suitable for the ones who want to get out from the hustle bustle of cities. The environment surrounding the waterfall can make nature lovers grin continously. It is very refreshing, for your eyes, for your heart and for your soul.

The beautiful waterfall

The Cigamea complex has been also equipped with some accomodations. Some hostels or hotels can be found in surrounding area. This allow people who want to stay longer  to get accommodation.

However, the hotels are not 5 star category. Most of them are just houses rented for visitors but there are also few resorts to stay in.

The beautiful waterfall in Indonesia

Here are the looks of the beautiful landscape of Cigamea Waterfall.

The place should be workable to be your hideaways from your busy time in Jakarta. You may just need to drive 2-3 hours to reach the place/

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