Berok Bridge Means “The Bridge Bridge”

Berok Bridge
Photo by Rudy Sempur

Berok Bridge in Semarang City is a bridge across the Semarang River. It connects the Old City, Jl.Mpu Tantular Semarang, with Jl. Young man. Orientation of the bridge is East to West.

The bridge is formed of four main column with a shape resembling the obelisk. At the top there is a column of light that is quite unique. Bridge piers skirt shape resembles a pole in the garden in front of Tawang Station. Guardrail bridge was made of iron.

On the west bridge are building the State Treasury, and its western side, there are Bank Mandiri, Pelni, and PTP XV.

In the past, this bridge serves to connect the old town / Oud Standt which is lined with pentagon-shaped fort (Fort Vijfhoek) with the rest of the city. But after the fort was dismantled in 1842, the bridge was left alone.

The bridge is located at the western gate or Gouvernementsport. The west gate is one of the castle gate oud stadt, in addition to the southern gate or de Zuider Port (in the mouth Jl. Suari) and the East Gate or Oost port (jl. Raden Patah).

The bridge was named Gouvernementsbrug before later on it was replaced by Sociteisbrug. However, now known as the Bridge Berok.

Berok name comes from the pronunciation of Dutch word “Brug” by natives. Brug means bridge. So, it can be said the name of the bridge is “The Bridge bridge”.

The column form on this bridge has been amended several times. They were firstly made of wood and very simple. Prior to 1910, the shape was shorter and stout, and it has an ‘antenna’ at its peak. There was also a path separator in the middle of the road.  Its iron fence still form a cross.

Before the year 1980, the Berok bridge was again amended by adding a column of light at the end. The form is also becoming higher and massive. Its railing has been converted into a row of iron, similar to current conditions. After further renovation done, the form of the the bridge is as what you can see nowadays. The column still has a light, but with the form of columns that are much simpler.

Berok Bridge is one of the places full with history in Semarang City. A place that deserve to have your visit while you are here.

Would you?

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  1. Like a time machine, this is the bridge to the past.

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