How To Call “Father” and “Mother” In Indonesian

how to call father and mother rin indonesian 2

There are many ways Indonesians call their father or mother, especially because this country has more than 300 culture and has been influenced by many cultures.

However, there are several basic words addressed for parents by Indonesians.

The main words mean “father” or “mother” are

  • bapak (ba-pak) – Father

  • ibu (i-bu) – Mother

You can try to spell them by following explanation on previous writings about Indonesian Alphabets (Vocals).

Those are the traditional words meaning father and mother.

Some others that also have the meaning are (father – mother)

  • Papa (pa-pa) – Mama (ma-ma)

  • Papi (pa-pi) – Mami (ma-mi)

Or, some words that surely shows the influence of Arabian culture, such as

  • Abi (A-bi) – Umi (u-mi)

It is not seldom to find a family whose children call their parents using combination of the above, like they call their father “bapak” and mother “mama”.

Further than the above, since many Indonesians are affected by western lifestyle, usually the ones who interacts regularly with westerners or have lived abroad, there are also people who call their parents “daddy” and “mommy”.

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