You Can See Optimus Prime In Indonesia

Definitely, I am not kidding. Not joking. The title was considered profoundly before I typed the first word of this writing. You can see Optimus Prime in Indonesia.

I am not also telling you that you can meet the brave and gallant leader on Indonesia television. So, there is no need to tell anything that Transformers attracted great numbers of spectators since the first movie.

You can see Optimus Prime physically in Indonesia.

If you don’t believe it, please take a look at below photo.

You can see Optimus Prime in Indonesia 06

For sure, you can see lots of similarity with the last Prime from Cybertron. It is big. It is made from metal and it looks to be made replicating big vehicle, a truck. Many parts of Indonesia’s Optimus Prime resembles the Optimus Prime you see in the movies.

The only thing that differs this figure from the “real” Optimus Prime that it can’t transform into a badass truck. It can’t also run fast. Definitely, it is not able to fight with Megatron.

The figure on the photo is just a statue.

It seems the popularity of the movie had inspired few creative Indonesians to make their own Autobot. From unused parts of old cars, they created something that would surely attract attentions.

If the movies attracted hundred thousands of viewer, then there should be some who will also be interested in taking a look to their creation.

You can see Optimus Prime in Indonesia 07

The statue is located around 40-50 kilometers in Southern direction from Indonesia’s Capital, Jakarta. The exact location is in Eco Art Park, Sentul City, Babakan Madang, Bogor Regency. One of the high class housing complex.

The statue has height +- 5-6 meters and a dominant feature in the park.

Only one thing that makes me having a doubt and prevent me from saying without reasonable doubt that it is Optimus Prime.

One small thing.

The mustache.

It can not be seen without zooming my camera lens but with the zoom, it’s quite clear that the creator put a mustache on the face.

I am not sure as I never have given much attention on the details of the real Optimus Prime. Does he have a mustache? Or not?

You can see Optimus Prime in Indonesia 09

Can it be just the descendant of the Autobot leader? A son? A grandchildren? Considering the age of the Prime, It is possible, isn’t it? Who was the lady-Bot?

Anyway, I think I must take some sleep as it looks like I am suffering of lack of sleep. Too many hallucination I have experienced since being a blogger three years ago.

So, good night.

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