The category to show all environment related things , including how and what Indonesians do everyday that may affect their environment

Sentarum Lake

Sentarum Lake : Sometimes Full Of Water Sometimes Dry

Sentarum Lake National Park (DSNP) is one of Indonesia's amazing natural wealth that is located  in Kapuas Hulu, West Kalimantan Province. Sentarum National Park stretches...
Plastic Bag In Indonesia

Indonesians to Pay For a Plastic Bag

Starting this year, whenever you buy something in stores or supermarket in Indonesia, you will be asked if you need a plastic bag to...
Indonesia Flower Of Charm - Moth Orchid

3 Indonesia National Flowers

Indonesia National Flowers - It has become a habit worldwide that a country must have a flower symbol to represent their image. Netherlands are...
Dolphins in Lovina Beach

Enjoying Bali With Dolphins In Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach will be a good option after you feel bored with white sand beaches easily found in Bali island. Surely, after seeing Kecak...
The White Spotted Deer

The Cute White Spotted Deer , The Imported Chital (Axis Axis)

Pr White spotted deer is not the actual name for this animal. It is the way how Indonesian calling this cutie. The name is based...