Learning Indonesian

Learning Indonesian

This category is for the ones who want to study and learn Indonesian. The lesson is made on step by step, bit by bit to make it easy to understand.


What Does “AKU” Mean ? – Indonesian Pronouns #2

"AKU" means I, or me, or my in English. Basically, AKU is the synonym of "SAYA" and used as the pronoun of a first person in a conversation. Basically, both are interexchangeable and can be used to replace each other....

What Does SAYA Mean? – Indonesian Pronouns #1

SAYA means I, or ME, or MY. Yes, this word can act as a subject at the beginning of a sentence, or at the end as an object, or to act as possessive pronoun. This word is classified as...
how to say how are you in Indonesian A

How To Say “HOW ARE YOU?” In Indonesian

A simple greeting but it can mean a lot. It can show to people, either you know them or not, that you care about them. "How are you?" is the most simple sentence but can bring plenty good things...
how to praise Indonesian women or girl beauty

How To Praise Woman or Girl’s Beauty in Indonesian

Praising a woman or a girl's beauty is one of the most effective way to make an approach and open a conversation, everywhere. That means also in Indonesia. Indonesian boys also often use the same way to approach girls they...
Dont forget to use tolong when you reqeust someone to help you 1

Don’t Forget To Use “TOLONG” When You Request Someone to Help You In Indonesia

When you travel abroad, you may be placed in a difficult position that requires someone help to solve your problem. Sometimes, we are afraid and worried that we may use improper word that can insult locals. Yeah, language barrier...
kata sifat the Indonesian Adjective 2

Introduction to Kata Sifat , The Indonesian Adjective

Like also other languages in the world, Indonesian language has a category of words that describe noun or pronoun. In English, words that perform this function is called adjectives. In Indonesia, the words in this category is named "Kata...
how to call father and mother rin indonesian 2

How To Call “Father” and “Mother” In Indonesian

There are many ways Indonesians call their father or mother, especially because this country has more than 300 culture and has been influenced by many cultures. However, there are several basic words addressed for parents by Indonesians. The main words mean...