Change Direction : I am Too Greedy

Keris Damce in Bali

Well, human beings tend to be greedy all the time.

Do not feel offended because I refer to myself. Not you. But, I believe you have this part in yourselves as well. Anyway, let’s forget about this.

I would like to tell you about how greedy I was, and the failure caused by the greediness.

Do you know? This website was created with sole intention as a place for foreigners to learn my language, Indonesian. However, as soon as it was launched more ideas came to my mind.

Don’t know how but I felt encouraged to cover and write¬† a bit more extensive topics, such as travel, tourism, and many other things about my country. I thought that such information would be useful for foreigners.

I believe it is and will still be in future.

Unfortunately, I forgot one thing. I am just a human being with very limited capability. I could not cover the whole about Indonesia and didn’t have enough time as daily I must also earn a living as a merchandiser in one trading company in Jakarta.

Eventually, I was stuck. Feeling exhausted and unmotivated. I felt lost in nowhere land. Bored is also another problem.

I could not even write a single article for many months nor even made a single visit to this website.

I theoretically abandoned this website.

Only after taking a distance with this blog for few months, I realized about the mistake I had done, the same mistake done by many bloggers in the world, too greedy.

I covered too many subjects with very limited resource. This has drained me and finally made me losing the direction originally planned.

Therefore, I decided to continue writing for this blog but with return to the original idea, to make this blog as a place for Indonesian Languange learning. This should be still the core. Of course, sometimes, I would still write about culture, attractive places, beautiful landscape and anything but they won’t be the core.

Honestly, I am still not sure what future lies for this blog but without continuing to write and update the blog, I probably will never know.

So, this is my promise.

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