Characteristics of Balinese Dance: Dynamic, Very!

Characteristic Bali Dance : Dynamic

Different. Very different. Characteristic of Balinese dance is very different from some other dances in Indonesia, especially if it is compared to the dances from the island of Java (Central Java).

While dances of Central Java region usually are supple and soft, Balinese dance are on contrary, so dynamic.

Balinese dances have several characteristics that differ them from other Indonesia traditional dances.

What are the characteristics of Balinese Dance?

1) Expressive

If you ever attended a show of Balinese dance, then you should realize the mimic of the dancer. Have you ever seen a flat emotionless faces? Never. You will never will.

The faces of the dancers,  in a various traditional Balinese dances will adjust to the rhythm and the situation. It could be a thin smile, a slight move of the eye balls, or even only a brow lift.

This is indeed Balinese dance’s character. Emotions of dance should be able to also translated in the face of the dancer and with the harmony with the rhythm.

Balinese dancer
2) Dynamic

Have you ever heard of the music that accompany Balinese dance? Of course, you realize how dynamic it is. Sometimes it goes up, sometimes down, sometimes high, sometimes low, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Not static, very dynamic.

Since in a dance, a dancer should follow the rhythm, then you can imagine the movement. It is dynamic as well.

They always move and move. If their legs or body are on standby mode, then the fingers or eyes will keep on moving. Sometimes moving only a small fraction of members of the dancer’s body, such as fingers or eyes, but the dancer will keep moving.

You won’t find Balinese dancer who stand still without moving their body parts.

3) Low Leg Position

The position of the feet of the dancers from Bali are rarely straight upright . The legs tend to slightly in bent position or are in a low position. Even, when the dancer has to walk, this low leg position is maintained.

This is the characteristics of Balinese dance that makes it different

4) Hand Position

Have you ever seed the position of Balinese dancer hands attached to the body? Most likely you won’t because the other characteristic is the hand position always slightly away from the body and a bit raised.

This makes the shoulder of the dancer always looks slightly raised.

Do not believe? Just take a look and see yourself

It was seen several times during a visit to Bali and see the show of Balinese dance in several places. If you already saw it before and discover other characteristic of Balinese dance, please do not hesitate to share?

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