The Cute White Spotted Deer , The Imported Chital (Axis Axis)

PrThe White Spotted Deer

White spotted deer is not the actual name for this animal. It is the way how Indonesian calling this cutie. The name is based on the animal appearance. From its neck to body, white spots spread on its skin.

If you come to Jakarta and take a walk inside National Monument Park, you should meet a mob of the deer walking and eating. This is one of two or three only places where the white spotted deer live.

Another location. where the deer can be found is located 60 kilometer southern Jakarta, Bogor City. In the city, bigger number of the animal can be found at the center of the city, Bogor Palace.

Those are just one of very few places where the white spotted deer can be found. Few other names can be mentioned is zoo or Safari Park.

There is a reason why this cute animal can only be seen in limited places. It is not an origin species of this archipelago.

The White Spotted Deer, The Imported Species

Chittai Axis Axis

The species has a scientific name Axis Axis. Their habitat is not Indonesia’s forest.

Their origin was the South Asia Continent like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka/Ceylon or Pakistan. That is why the animal is also called as Indian Spotted Deer or Chital.

Their existence in Indonesia can be traced back in 19th Century. It was when Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles took a reign as Governor General of Dutch East Indie (Indonesia now). He replaced Dutch to govern for 5 years (1811-1816).

During his tenure, he made lots of change in Bogor including the Buitenzorg Mansion, that is currently known as Bogor Palace. A park on the backyard of the palace.

In order to beautify the park, he instructed to bring in from another British colony, India, 6 pairs of white spotted deer. Some sources said that the 6 pairs would be used as broodstock that could breed more deer for the park. Some other mentioned that the deer was imported for hunting sport purpose. As you know, British peers liked this type of sport very much.

So, this is why there is no white spotted deer can be found in Indonesia forest as they were imported.

Nowadays, there are around 600 white spotted deer recorded to live on the meadow in front of Bogor Palace. Their appearance has become known attraction for tourists or visitors to Bogor. Some pairs have been transferred to several cities like Jakarta or zoo.

The Characteristic Of White Spotted Deer

The white spotted deer chittai axis axisThe Chital or Axis Axis is not a big deer. Their posture is usually around 90 centimeter for male and 70 for female. However, it was also found that some can reach 170 centimeters.

Their weight differs between male and female. As usual, a male is heavier. It can have weight between 30-75 kilograms. Meanwhile, a female’s weight is around 25-45 kilograms.

A male has antlers but a female doesn’t.

White spotted can be found from legs to necks. However, there is no spots on its head an legs.

The white spotted lifespan can be quite long. It can reach an age upto 30 years. But, most of the case, the age is only upto 15 years.


Probably, if we talk about history, then we can say this white spotted deer is not Indonesia species. However, considering their existence in Indonesia’s land which has been nearly¬† 200 years, then we should agree that this animal should be included into Indonesia’s animal.

You can speak to people in Bogor, you will hear them speak proudly about the Chital. Do you know why? Because the animal has been appointed as the animal icon for the city.

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