Don’t Speak : Passengers Not Allowed To Talk On The Indonesia’s Commuter Train

Domt Speak - Passengers Not Allowed to Talk on The Commuter Train
Passengers in Commuter Train between Bogor and Jakarta

Gwen Stefani, with “No Doubt” and before she became the Voice coach, once screamed, “Don’t Speak” because “it hurts. One of my favorite song telling that sometimes talking can hurt. Of course that when she sang that song, it was only for anyone who suffered a broken heart.

However, just started August 2020, Indonesia Commuter Train Company adoped the term and include it into their new rules applied for passengers using their service. They asked any passengers not to speak during any trips, not only the broken hearts.

For sure, the Don’t Speak rules were not created because of the song, the main reason was as Indonesia’s, as other countries in the world, had been in critical Covid-19 pandemic. The numbers of victims grew rapidly.

One of their main concern was about the spreader on public transportation such as commuter traing who has been popular means to transport people inside the Greater Jakarta (Jabodetabek).

As it’s known widely, one of the means for the virus to be transferred is by the dropplets thrown from people.

Therefore, in order to reduce the risk from occuring, besides the obligation to use a face mask, passengers were asked not to talk on the train. This rule applies for any type of talking or speaking.

Train passengers are not allowed to talk with others or speaking using smartphones.

This rule is an add on for several special rules issued during the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia. Two others are wearing a face mask, physical distancing and long sleeve clothes, such as jacket, sweater.

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