Foreign Tourists Must Pay Higher Than Indonesian Visitors

Foreign Tourists Must Pay Higher
Foreign Tourists in Bogor Botanical Gardens

Not the type of article I like to write. If it is at all possible, this kind of facts should not be conveyed to you. Unfortunately, never knowing the fact may mislead many visitors that come to Indonesia.

What am I talking about?

It is about that foreign tourists must pay higher than Indonesian visitors.

Don’t misunderstand that, if you are non Indonesian passport holders you will have to pay hotel or food at more expensive prices. This is only related to fares to enter the tourist destination administered by government institution.

Yes. All places if it’s managed by government, then they will have two types of ticket price. One is for Indonesian visitors and the other for foreigners.

Foreign tourists must pay higher than Indonesian? Why?

It is not because the location administrator is too eager to get more dollars or profit. The reason behind is only because there is a law requires them to do so.

Indonesia Government Regulation no 12 , 2014 mentions in details how much ticket price to be paid by foreigners , should they want to enter a site like natural reserves, wildlife conservation or any tourist sites under government administration.

Foreign Tourists Must pay HigherIn details!

The fares to be paid varies. Based on the law, Indonesia is divided into three regions, I, II, and III. The region III has the lowest price and the I is the highest.

The fare depends also on the type of the place you visit. Hunting purpose site has more expensive entry fee than just a nature reserve sites.

How much is the difference?

Don’t scream. It is not my fault.

The fare difference, in some places, can be very far (not all) . The foreign tourist must open their wallet 10X times more than Indonesian visitors, especially in Region III. The difference is narrower in Region I.

For example, to enter Bogor Botanical Gardens, Indonesian must pay Rp. 14.000/person and foreign visitor is Rp. 25.000.-. Bogor Botanical Garden is in Region I.

I am not sure whether there is same rule in your countries. Learning from my experience visiting some overseas country, I could not find similar thing. If you know something and you don’t mind to share, please leave your words in comment box. I will appreciate it a lot.

Personally, I do not like this considering Indonesia would like to invite more foreign tourists to come. This law is somehow counter productive . However, a law is a law that must be obeyed.

foreign tourists must pay higherI write this article, so you can make your budget or itinerary based on the facts. It is also to avoid you from being surprised when you are asked to buy ten times higher in some tourism sites. I don’t want you to yell at the officers or you guide, or your domestic friends.

It is not their fault.

Because Indonesia’s law expect foreign tourists must pay higher than their Indonesian fellows.

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