Gorgeous Landscape of Nusa Dua Beach, Bali

Georgeous landscape of Nusa Dua Beach

Really lovely view. That’s all I can say. I was so amazed since the first time I arrived into the hotel. The overwhelming feeling stays for sometimes before finally I could handle it.

The above picture was taken in Nusa Dua Beach, behind the Grand NIkko Hotel, Bali. I once again had a chance to visit the God’s Island.

Yes. It was not my first time but the feeling of excitement in anticipation of seeing many beautiful things could not stop since the first time the announcement that the company, where I had worked for 8 years, decided to have a tour to the island.

The feeling was justified even since the first time I arrived into the hotel.

Some great views of famous beautiful Bali’s beach welcomed all members of the tour, including me. They were so gorgeous and amazing. I could not describe. Even, in my third time, Bali’s beautiful landscape never failed to ovewhelm me.

Nusa Dua Beach Landscape

It’s very difficult to describe the beauty that I saw during my time there. The blue sky, the white and clean white sand beach and so many mores. Therefore, I decided pictures to say it more than words.

It is better because there won’t be enough words to represent gorgeous landscape of Nusa Dua Beach.

So, just enjoy them.

Beuatiful Landscape of Nusa Dua Beach Bali

The pictures were taken only by a “bridge camera” a.k.a. prosumer only, not a DSLR one. They are shown as it is without any post processing done on any of them.

I decided not to give too much touch on the pictures. So, all of those are made with auto mode only.

Grand NIkko Hotel Nusa Dua Beach Bali
the pools behind the hotel under blue sky
Sunrise at Nusa Dua Beach Bali
Nusa Dua Beach when sun rises

Beuatiful Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua Beach BaliDon’t you think those pictures are beautiful?

It is not because of me and my camera that makes them beautiful. They are already gorgeous yet amazing and I only recorded them.

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