GoWes : Bike Rental (Sharing) in Jakarta

GoWes Bike (rental) sharing in Jakarta

GoWes, the name for English speaking people, especially who come from America, may sound like “Go West”. Actually, it is not. This GoWes is without a “t” and it is not related to invitation to go to California.

The name is a brand for a newly established app-based transportation that you can find in Jakarta, the Capital of Indonesia. The brand is similar to another application based brand, Gojek but actually both are different.

Gojek refers to an online motorcycle taxi service, the biggest one in Indonesia but GoWes is a bicycle/bike sharing, or we can say as a bicycle rental.

It’s an app-based service because when you want to rent a bike, then you should install an application from Playstore. After that, some funds must be added into the app before being able to rent a bicycle.

To operate the GoWes bicycle, a customer must scan the QR code to unlock the bicycle.

Go Wes Bike sharing in Jakarta 2

The GoWes is taken from an Indonesian word meaning bicycling or pedaling.

So far, the service is only available at several location in Jakarta but it may expand to other cities in future, of course if it can attract more demand. If not? Well, you know well the answe.

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