Great Views of Klara Beach Landscape – So, Overwhelming

Great Views of Klara Beach Landscape - So, Overwhelming 06

Honestly, I never visited Klara Beach, Lampung Province before. Yes, indeed, I saw how great the landscape were. My son captured some pictures showing great views of Klara Beach more than 3 years ago.

The picture was so overwhelming that I decided to use one of them for the homepage of Yalking Indonesia, this blog.

It was so blue.

Please take a look at the below picture taken by ASUS T00N smartphone. Yes, my son captured the photo using his smartphone only.

Lampung Beach
Klara Beach In Lampung

Amazing and overwhelming, right?

At the first time I saw it, I had a doubt that the good lens or special effect provided by the smartphone had created such lovely views of Klara Beach. It was so blue and calm.

However, few days ago, when I had a chance visiting Bandar Lampung, a city near the Klara Beach, with my family, including my son, the only. I must ask for forgiveness from my son for doubting his eyes and ability to make good photos.

The views that I witnessed by my own eyes were not less, even slightly from the 3 years old photo.

It was the same.

The waters was so green/blue , calm, and so clean. The landscape was so fascinating. Overall, Klara Beach amazed me by its fabulous landscape.

Great Views of Klara Beach Landscape - So, Overwhelming 01

Curiousity killed the cat, that’s what British says but I could not help to try to take several pictures of my own with the same ASUS T00N which I inherited from my son, when he decided to change his smartphone with higher specs Xiaomi. Several pictures were also taken with my Canon 700D, as a comparison.

How were the results?

Well, judge by yourselves. I included several pictures taken with two camera on my hand.

From my point of view, well, my son did the best to show people about the great views of Klara Beach. The beach is so nice.

Compared to Bali’s beaches, I don’t think it’s different. White sand, blue waters, clean waters are there.

Great Views of Klara Beach Landscape - So, Overwhelming 05

Klara beach can be considered as an alternative for beach lovers who feel that Bali’s beaches have been too crowded and noisy. The place is much quieter considering it is not yet popular as tourism destination for overseas tourists.

It doesn’t mean that Klara Beach is not popular. For local travelers, including Jabodetabek (The Greater Jakarta), the beach is quite famous. On holidays season, buses parks on the beach bringing hundreds of people that want to relax and enjoy the beauty of the beach. They come from all over places in Lampung or Java.

That also makes the situation has changed since when my son took the picture more than 3 years ago. The smell of capitalism has been spread all over the beach. More “Warung/Waroong” sells food, drinks, clothes have been set up. The entry fee has increased and also more “huts” for rent have been developed.

It was not forgotten also, a spot, in the middle of waters for selfie lover has been made. Well, that’s a risk for a place when it becomes famous in Indonesia.

Great Views of Klara Beach Landscape - So, Overwhelming 03

Although, the entry fare has changed, increased, it should still be affordable, especially by foreign trippers, only Rp. 30.000.- per person, or only a bit more than US$ 2.5. You can rent a hut to take a rest with the same amount of rupiahs.

If you want to see further, there is a tier near the beach that will take you the more famous Pahawang Island.

However, I didn’t go to the island as Klara Beach already provided me more than enough of nature beauty.

Great Views of Klara Beach Landscape - So, Overwhelming 04

To reach Klara Beach is also not difficult. It takes around 45 minutes driving fro Bandar Lampung with Grab Car or Taxi. But, you should add another 6 hours on a bus (including 2 hours on ferry) if you want to go from Jakarta.

It would be quite tiring to take a bus from Jakarta but it would be paid of after you see abundance great views of Klara Beach. I experienced this as I took 8-9 hour sitting on the bus from Bogor to Lampung.

But, I didn’t regret backache created after sitting long hours. Klara beach paid me more.

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