How To Say “HOW ARE YOU?” In Indonesian

how to say how are you in Indonesian A

A simple greeting but it can mean a lot. It can show to people, either you know them or not, that you care about them. “How are you?” is the most simple sentence but can bring plenty good things if you have a habit to say it to anyone you meet.

In Indonesia, there is also similar greeting used by people to greet each other, between friends, colleagues, or even with someone who we meet in public transportation. This also can open the door to make acquintance to someone we never meet before and start a conversation.

Then, how to say “How are you?” in Indonesian?

There are several ways depending on the situation and whether you know the person you greet.

Polite / Formal :

  • “Halo, bagaimana kabar Anda? (Hello, how do you do?)
  • “Halo, bagaimana kabarmu, John?” (Hello, how do you do, John?)

This formal form of how are you is usually used if you meet your customer or your boss or anyone that you don’t know closely.

Less FormalĀ  : Colleagues

  • “Hai, apakabar?” (Hi, how are you?)
  • “Hai, apakabarmu, John (Hi, how are you, John?)

This stye is less formal but not too casual. It still can be used and acceptable to anyone you know, like your boss (not in formal situation).

Casual : Friends

  • “Gimana kabarmu, John?” (Hi, what’s up, John)
  • “Pakabar?”
  • “Apa kabar nih?”

Those form of “How are you?” are used among friends or people you know closely.

You can use “Hello”, “Halo”, or “Hai (Hi)” or without.

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