How To Say Thank You In Indonesian

How to say thank you in Indonesian

How to say thank you in Indonesian?

I believe such a question will raise in your mind if you have a plan to visit the country.

For sure, as a civilized person, expressing a gratitude for someone help or when interactions with locals have to be made, then to say it in the local languange can provide a benefit. Locals can feel respected if someone coming from a country he or she may never know.

No doubt. Everywhere is the same.

So, learning how to express the gratitude feeling is quite important for the ones who travel to foreign countries, including Indonesia.

It is not difficult to say thank you in Indonesian. Even though, there are many local languages and vernaculars, everybody in the archipelago is accustomed with this simple utterance.

“Terima kasih”


As a word “terima” means “accept”. Meantime, “kasih” is affection or love. However as a phrase, it means “thank you”.

How to respond if someone say “Terima kasih” to you? You may find a situation when a taxi driver says it when he receives a payment to you or when you give a bellboy a tip.

Just say


Sama means the same. Sama-sama means “you’re welcome” or “Don’t mention”.

Now, you already know how to say thank you in Indonesian. Quite simple, right? This is a polite way, so you don’t have to worry to be considered as rude.

However, if you forget how to say “terima kasih”, just say thank you and everybody should understand. Indonesians have been accustomed to express their gratitude by using this Emglish utterance.

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