Indonesia Is An Archipelago

Lampung Beach
Klara Beach In Lampung

Do you know which country in the world that has the most islands? I believe you should know the answer of this question.

Yes. You are correct. It is Indonesia, my country.

It has, depending on whose data you use, at least more than 13,000 islands. Some surveys showed that the number can reach more than 18,000 islands. More than 8,000 islands have been named but the rest are not.

It makes Indonesia as the largest archipelago in the world. The fact also gives Indonesia the number 2 position on the list of countries with largest coastline, just right under Canada. In total, the coastline of Indonesia is more than 54,000 Kilometers.

What does this fact mean? Beach lovers may represent me to answer this question. Big number of islands with largest coastline means lots of beaches.

People all over the world will never forget about Bali, The God’s Island because of its beautiful beaches. In fact, actually, there are lot more in this country. We can say the names of Lombok, Bunaken that have the same beaches as Bali, if you are a beach lover.

The above picture was taken a few month ago (by my son) using an ASUS smartphone in Lampung. The name of the beach is Klara or Clara beach. You may never hear the name before but the picture should already show you what I mean on the above paragraphs.

Other Facts About Indonesia

Indonesia gets also the rank no 15 on the list of largest countries in the world with land area of 1.9 million square kilometers.

Huge, right?

How about the population? Well, just number four. With its population that is around 250 million people, the country is only behind China, India, and United States.

These are just few facts about my country Indonesia. I will tell you more later in coming writings.

This short article is the opening and the beginning of my blogs. (Actually, I must see how the appearance of the blog is on desktop or mobile device that I can find the right set up. So, I must at least write an aritcle, a short one but as I decided that each article must give something to readers, then at least you can take these basic facts about my country with you)

Have a nice day to all of you!

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