Indonesia is not an Islamic Country

Indonesia Is Not An Islamic Country
Women in Islamic Clothes

On contrary with what many media says , Indonesia is not an Islamic Country.

Definitely. I am 100% sure about this.

Perhaps, foreigners may only see a fact that 88% of Indonesia populations profess Islam as their religion. This means the number of people who are Islam believers reach more than 200 millions.

Yes, it is true. Indonesia has the biggest moslem society in the world. No doubt. The number of the believers are around 6 times of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia population.

However, its constitution stipulates that the country is based on pluralism. It can be seen from the country motto “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” which means similar to “Unity in Diversity”.

All laws are based on this idea and not Islamic Laws (Shari’a). Of course, some of Islamic laws have been adopted into the country regulation but majority of the laws are more modern laws than Islamic.

Some provinces may have adopted more Islamic laws in their system to adjust with their society. However, any laws made must not in contradiction with the higher laws i.e. Indonesia Constitution, UUD 1945.

Indonesia is not an Islamic CountryThe government system is also based on democracy. The leader, our president is elected every 5 years in a general election resembles other democratic countries. The parliament is also elected using the same system.

Indonesia acknowledges not only Islam as its religion. There are five more i.e. Buddha, Hinduism, Christian (both Catholic and Protestant), and also Confusianism. The citizens can choose to profess one of them freely.

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Yet, you may find many people starting to use clothes similar to Arabian style more and more these days.This may creat an impression that this country is an Islamic one. However, it is not.

It is oue peopl own decision to use. Mostky, because they think it is the best for them. But, You can see also in some other provinces like Bali people use their own religious costumes. There is no coercion or whatsoever in terms of religion.

Everybody can independently choose what religion they think suitable for their life.

In daily life, we see and listen Britney Spears or Lady Gaga singing on TV. Justin Bieber has millions of fans here. We allow, even though limited, people to buy and drink alcohol. The interaction between two genders are not prohibited. Women work and drive as in United States of America.

So for sure, everybody who says otherwise has misunderstood. Clearly, Indonesia is not an Islamic country.

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