Hey, (Almost) All The World Free To Visit Indonesia : The List Of Indonesia Visa Free Countries

Indonesia Visa Free CountriesDo you know that since 2016, citizens from (almost) all countries in the world can make entrance to Indonesia freely without visa? Yes, they can. Last March, the 2nd, 2016 The Government of Indonesia issued a renewed list of Indonesia Visa Free Countries. (Indonesia President Law No 21, 2016)

The list has been added by another 79 making total 169 countries. If you consider the number of countries in the world, which is 200 countries, then this number means almost all countries.

Citizens from the listed countries can make an entry to Indonesia without visa.

Please take a look at the below list of Indonesia Visa Free Countries.

Indonesia Visa Free Countries

1 Albania 58 Grenada 115 Peru
2 Algeria 59 Guatemala 116 Philippines
3 Andorra 60 Guyana 117 Poland
4 Angola 61 Haiti 118 Portugal
5 Antigua and Barbuda 62 Honduras 119 Puerto Rico
6 Argentina 63 Hong Kong SAR 120 Qatar
7 Armenia 64 Hungary 121 Romania
8 Australia 65 Iceland 122 Russia
9 Austria 66 India 123 Rwanda
10 Azerbaijan 67 Ireland 124 Samoa
11 Bahamas 68 Italy 125 San Marino
12 Bahrain 69 Jamaica 126 Sao Tome and Principe
13 Bangladesh 70 Japan 127 Saudi Arabia
14 Barbados 71 Jordan 128 Senegal
15 Belarus 72 Kazakhstan 129 Serbia
16 Belgium 73 Kenya 130 Seychelles
17 Belize 74 Kiribati 131 Singapore
18 Benin 75 Kuwait 132 Slovakia
19 Bhutan 76 Kyrgyzstan 133 Slovenia
20 Bolivia 77 Laos 134 Solomon Island
21 Bosnia and Herzegovina 78 Latvia 135 South Africa
22 Botswana 79 Lebanon 136 South Korea
23 Brazil 80 Lesotho 137 Spain
24 Brunei 81 Liechtenstein 138 Sri Lanka
25 Bulgaria 82 Lithuania 139 St Kitts and Nevis
26 Burkina Faso 83 Luxembourg 140 St Lucia
27 Burundi 84 Macau SAR 141 St Vincent and Grenadines
28 Cambodia 85 Macedonia 142 Suriname
29 Canada 86 Madagascar 143 Swaziland
30 Cape Verde 87 Malawi 144 Sweden
31 Chad 88 Malaysia 145 Switzerland
32 Chile 89 Maldives 146 Taiwan
33 China 90 Mali 147 Tajikistan
34 Commonwealth of Dominica 91 Malta 148 Tanzania
35 Comoros 92 Marshall Islands 149 Thailand
36 Costa Rica 93 Mauritania 150 Timor-Leste
37 Cote D’Ivoire 94 Mauritius 151 Togo
38 Croatia 95 Mexico 152 Tonga
39 Cuba 96 Moldova 153 Trinidad & Tobago
40 Cyprus 97 Monaco 154 Tunisia
41 Czech Republic 98 Mongolia 155 Turkey
42 Denmark 99 Morocco 156 Turkmenistan
43 Dominican Republic 100 Mozambique 157 Tuvalu
44 Ecuador 101 Myanmar 158 Uganda
45 Egypt 102 Namibia 159 Ukraine
46 El Salvador 103 Nauru 160 United Arab Emirates
47 England 104 Nepal 161 Uruguay
48 Estonia 105 Netherlands 162 USA
49 Fiji 106 New Zealand 163 Uzbekistan
50 Finland 107 Nicaragua 164 Vanuatu
51 France 108 Norway 165 Vatican City
52 Gabon 109 Oman 166 Venezuela
53 Gambia 110 Palau 167 Vietnam
54 Georgia 111 Palestine 168 Zambia
55 Germany 112 Panama 169 Zimbabwe
56 Ghana 113 Papua New Guinea
57 Greece 114 Paraguay


Am I allowed to enter Indonesia without visa?

However, there are some conditions that must be fulfilled to obtain this right.

The first is about the purpose of your visit. The visa free entry is more for people coming to Indonesia for following reason

  • Tourism : If you want to come to see the beauty of the archipelago, you have the privilege
  • Family : If you have families, relative who live in Indonesia and you want to see them, just pack your luggage and order the ticket. You are granted.
  • Cultural / Art Visit : You want to make an exhibition in Indonesia, of course you are welcomed
  • Government visits : If you are government officers in your country and would like to meet your counterparts in Indonesia, don’t worry about visa. Just come.
  • Lecturer or seminar : If you are a lecturer and would share your knowledge to Indonesian, then there is no reason to refuse your coming.
  • For a meeting with your Head office or your Representative Office
  • In transit :You may need to take a rest during your long travel to another country. Why don’t you enjoy a little time in Indonesia.

Unfortunately, if you seek for news, in short on journalism duty, then this privilege is not for you. Even though your passport says the name of the country listed on the list of Indonesia Visa Free Countries, you must apply for a visa and ask for an approval.

The Conditions And The Penalty

Supposed that your country is listed and your aim is not for journalism, only several common steps you need to check.

  • Make sure your passport is still valid for at least 6 months
  • One blank page (if it is full, then there is no place for immigration officer to put their stamp)
  • A return ticket, if you make Indonesia as a final destination for your trip or
  • A ticket to another country if you are in transit

Also, you need to bear in mind that being a citizen of Indonesia Visa Free countries, you are not expected to stay forever here.

The visa free entry is limited for 30 days only after your entrance. This visa free facility can not be extended.  This facility can not also be used to apply for another type of Indonesia visa.

Once it’s expired then you must fly out from Indonesia.

In case, due to some reasons, you can not leave Indonesia, which means overstaying, there are penalty to apply.

  • for each day of overstay is penalized Rp. 300.000/day
  • The maximum days of overstaying are 60 days
  • After the 60 days are exceeded, then you will face harsher penalties. This can mean you can be sentenced in prison maximum of 5 years . or You can be fined for Rp. 500.000.000

So, please be careful my friends.

Anyway, the facility provided for citizens of the Indonesia Visa Free countries should be enough for you to see Indonesia. I really don’t think your boss will allow you to take too long vacation.

See you here mate! We have made it easy for you to come and enjoy Indonesia.

Reference : Kementrian Hukum Dan Hak Asasi Manusia Republik Indonesia

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