10 Indonesian Greetings Used Daily

Indonesian GreetingsIndonesian Greetings – Every language in the world has some short sentences used when we meet our friends, colleagues, or even bosses in daily life.

Indonesian is not different. Like also any other societies, Indonesian have a collection of greetings that should be said to open a conversation or communication among family members, friends, or even our colleagues and boss.

If you want to learn Indonesian, as a language or a society, I believe learning Indonesian Greetings can be a good start to learn Indonesian.

So, let me introduce you with 10 Indonesian greetings used in our daily life. Those are very basic ones and with each greeting, there is a meaning as well as how to use it.

At the end of the article, as usual, there is an audio to show you how the greeting is said by an Indonesian (of by me, I can not pay a professional person to do it).

Shall we start?

10 Indonesian Greetings

Selamat Pagi

Good Morning is the meaning. This is formal and polite one and can be used for everyone including your friends, boss, colleagues or even someone you don’t know.

The sentence is commonly used after sunrise up to around 10.00 AM. Many says that it can be used up to 11.00 AM but personally, I think 11.00 AM is already too late.

Informal one, with assumption that you just meet your friends or others that you know them well, then you can just say Pagi! (Morning!)

Selamat Siang ! 

Similar to Good Afternoon or Good Day

The greeting is used in similar manner as Selamat Pagi but should be used between 10.00 AM until 15.00. The short version is “Siang!

Selamat Sore ! 

Still similar to Good Afternoon. Used between 15.00 upto sunset around 19.00. Short version “Sore!”

Selamat Malam !

This can mean Good Evening but also Good Night

This Indonesian greeting can be used after the sunset, or 19.00 upto sunrise. Or whenever you and your conversation partner separate in a night.

Apa Kabar? or Hai , apa kabar?

How are you? How do you do?

Those are the meaning of this sentence. Mostly used whenever you meet someone you know for the first time in the day.

Indonesian GreetingsSelamat Jalan !

Jalan has a meaning street or road. However, in this case, this one of Indonesian greetings means “Goodbye”. This is quite polite to be used for family , friends or colleague or even when you hear that your boss will travel abroad.

Sampai Nanti !

See you later is the equal greeting in English. Said when you will leave someone but with a hope to see him/her again.

Sampai Jumpa !

Similar to Sampai Nanti. More often, the greeting is used by a TV presenter at the end of a show.

Selamat Makan !

Enjoy your breakfast, lunch, dinner. It is usually said in formal manner.

Hati-hati Di Jalan !

Be careful ! Take care ! Those are equal to this greeting.

It is said when you usher your guests, or relative that will return home or travel. It is also said when a mother or father drop their kids to school.

Not difficult, right? You can compare the way you pronounce the above Indonesian Greetings with mine. Please check this audio.

I hope you enjoy learning Indonesian. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave it in the comment box. I will try to answer it as soon as I can.

Sampai Jumpa!

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