Introduce BETOR , Becak Bermotor (Motorized Threecycle/Three Wheeler)

Lampung Motorized Three wheeler - Betor Becak bermotor
Betor – Motorized becak in Lampung

Betor is one type of public transportation mean quite popular in Sumateran Provinces. The term is not commonly known for people in Java as the transportation mean because there is never a population of betor in Java. You may find a few in cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, but really very few. Betor never comes to involve life of people in this crowded island.

It’s different if you come to some cities in Sumatera Island, like Medan, the biggest city there. Betor plays an important part of daily living there. It transfer thousands of people from one place to another everytime.

Betor is an abbreviation of “Becak Bermotor” or Motorized Becak/Three Wheeler.

Do you know the look of becak? Please see here.

Or you can see this picture.

Indopnesian Becak

The normal three wheeler moves when a driver sitting behind the passenger compartment pedaling the vehicle, like a bicycle. But, betor is different.

Indonesian Three Wheeler
Riding normal becak

The driver doesn’t have to pedal the vehicle. They just have to suppress the gas throttle¬† on the handlebar, line riding a motorcycle.

Betor is not new, it was born quite long time ago since motorcycle entered Indonesia. It is usually built using the body of becak and old motorcycle.

Its form varies. In Medan, the body of motorcycle is attached on the side of the passenger cabin but in Lampung, the motorcycle body is behind.

Medan Motorized Three wheeler - Betor Becak bermotor
Medan’s Betor – Photo Credit via Okezone

The fare depends on the distance and passengers need to bargain with a driver to get the agreed fare which satisfy both parties.

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