Knife Sharpener : Old Profession That Still Exists

What do you do when the knife is dull and can no longer cut meat or vegetables properly?
In Indonesia, many mothers will call for knife sharpeners. Yep, calling and not buying.

In this country, the term knife sharpener can have two meanings, it refers to a tool, but also to an old profession that still exists until now.

This profession is carried out by traveling from one place to another, similar to what a peddler does. However, instead of offering goods, what he offered was a service to make a dull knife sharp again.

A knife sharpener will usually carry two small boxes consisting of various equipment to do the job, such as a whetstone. One box will become their chair while doing the job. Recently, they put their tolls on a bicycle that they can reach more range. He will go around from one housing to another housing to offer his services.

Rates of the service vary and depend on the region, but range from Rp. 8,000 – 15,000 to sharpen one knife and depending on the agreement with users . They also accept requests for other equipment, such as scissors or other cutting tools.

They do double job as they sell also knives in many kinds.

This profession in big cities has dwindled because the price of knives is getting cheaper. Many people prefer to buy a new knife than use the services of a knife sharpener.

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