Do You Know The Characteristics of Balinese Dance?

The Balinese Dancer
Balinese Dancer

A picture of Balinese Dancer taken in Kesiman Village Bali.

Do you know that Balinese Dances have several characteristics that can be found on majority of dances from this God’s Island?

The characteristics are

1) Expressive

Just look at the faces of Balinese dancers. Have you ever seen it flat, unemotional? You will never.

The faces of dancers in traditional Balinese dances will adjust to the rhythm and situation. The shape can be a thin smile, eyebrows, or raised eyebrows.

This is indeed its character. The emotion of dance should also be able to be translated in the form of a face game that adapts to the rhythm.

2) Dynamic

Ever heard Balinese dance music?

If you are, sure you realize how Balinese dance music will always be dynamic in terms of tone. Sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes high, sometimes low, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Not static.

This makes the movement of Balinese Dance also adjust to the rhythm of his escort. They move on and are never silent but not always fast. Sometimes it moves only a small part of the dancer’s body, just like his fingers or his eyes, but the dancer will keep moving.

3) Foot Position

Notice the position of the foot of the Balinese dancers. Rarely are their legs in a perpendicular position. Usually the position of his legs slightly bent or in a low position. Even when walking even this position is maintained.

This is typical of Balinese Dance which makes it somewhat different

4) Hand Position

Ever seen the position of Bali dancer’s hand stuck to his body? Most likely not because of the other characteristic is the position of the hand that is slightly away from the body and lifted.

This makes the dancer’s shoulders always look a bit uplifted.

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