Why Should I Learn Indonesian ?

Learn Indonesian

Why should I learn Indonesian? Probably, this thought crawl to your mind when you find this website. Why do I have to read a website talking only about Indonesia.

Indonesia is just another country, especially only a developing one with corruption, poverty and very bad traffic jam. So, why do I need to learn about the country.

Well. Yes, if you say so, then I would admit all things that were said. My country, Indonesia has been labelled as developing country since many years ago. If I am correct, the country has been included into the countries that were developing since 1980’s.

Unfortunately, due to many things, even after 30 years, the country has not been able to move up to be the member of developed ones. It is a pity.

Perhaps if today, Indonesia is considered developed, your answer may be different. It would be more attractive to learn something that may give you benefits like developed countries may offer.

However, from my point of views, there are still many things that should encourage foreigners to learn Indonesian, in terms of language and people.


Let’s take a look at the below things

Reasons to learn Indonesian

Before entering into why you should learn Indonesian, let me bring you some facts you should already know.

The Population

Learn IndonesianDo you know how many people lives in Indonesia? I mean the Indonesian.

There are 250 millions people.

The number can only be exceeded by three countries, respectively, China, India, and United States.

The Economy

Indonesian economy grows steadily year by year. Even, in the last economy crisis, when the oil price reached its peak level, the percentage of Indonesia economy growth has been stable at 5-6% a year. Probably, you also already knew that many countries recorded negative growth but this country still maintains its growth at good level.

The Tourism Destinations

With more than 13,000 or 17,000 islands inside its territory, Indonesia has abundance of beautiful place. Many of them are still unexplored.

Lovely beaches or nature, tasteful culinary, friendly people are waiting to be touched.

You should have known Bali, the God Island, the paradise. Have you visited this island? So, you should know how wonderful and joyful the island is.

There are more, a lot more in Indonesia.

Unfortunately, many foreigners think that Bali is not a member of Indonesia. They thought Bali is a separate state. In fact, it’s a part of this country.

The Resources

With more than 5 million square kilometers, 1.9 milions out of that is land area and the rest is sea, Indonesia is blessed with many resources.

Maratua Island
The beautiful landscape in Maratua Island

You can find that the sea of Indonesia is full with fishes. The land is so fertile, thanks to the volcanic type of land Indonesia has. The land also contain many minerals, like coal and gold.

There are facts about Indonesia.

After this short of explanation about what Indonesia has, have you come out with a conclusion about what are the reasons for learning Indonesian?

Probably I can make it short in one word i.e. AN OPPORTUNITY.

  • If you are a businessmen, then Indonesia will be one of the place which may guarantee profits in future.
  • If you are a marketer, you should see how big market is waiting for your merchandise. Furthermore, Indonesians are quite consumptive and with the stronger buying power, then it can be a tremendous market.
  • If you are a traveler looking for more challenging place to see, you can go to Papua, Kalimantan. You will find untouched places.
  • If you are looking for friends, Indonesians are known to be friendly and love to make friends with everyone. Besides, Indonesian isĀ  to be social media maniac

Do you agree?

However, there is an obstacle, from my point of view that prevent this country to be more well known on the world stage.

It is the language.

Not like Malaysia, or Singapore whose people’s proficiency in English has been much better than us, Indonesians are still considered lack of people who can speak English. Probably, you will find easily and count how many Indonesian English written blogs in the world blogosphere. Very few.

In the real life, you can find that all rules, law, regulation are mostly written in Indonesian Language. The English version is available but can not be easily accessed and found.

Therefore, to change the opportunity becomes benefits, knowledge about Indonesian as a language or people and society will be surely helpful.

Those are the reasons to learn Indonesian. Besides, learning something won’t hurt you. Am I correct?


Talking Indonesia is just a blog. It won’t provide you with complete details about Indonesia, its language and people. However, I think as an Indonesian, I can provide you with some lessons about Indonesian Language and some small parts of daily life in this country. These knowledge may help you to learn more about our country.

Besides, by being able to read, write or speak Indonesian, you can explore more information source. You can read more Indonesian websites, blogs, online newspaper in its original language. This means you can gain more knwoledge and information for your own benefits.

Don’t worry. Talking Indonesia is not an online course that will ask you to open your wallet. This is just an individual trying to do something for his country and world. The lessons will be free and will be kept like that in future.

So, for everyone who wants to learn Indonesian, you can wait for the lessons that will be coming soon. Just click the menu or the category of “Learning Indonesian” in this blog.

See you later guys and gals.

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