Moving Server And Revival

It’s been quite a while since I entered the dashboard of this blog. Based on the date of the last post published, it was a year nad 27 days ago was the last time I visited this blog.

I am not a lazy man because during the year, I still take care of my other 9-10 blogs and quite regularly write and update the blogs, not all but somes. Only when the beginning of Corona Pandemic in Indonesia I lost appetite to even make a single writing to all of my blogs. Other than that I am still active.

The only reason for my neglecting this blog , quite silly actually, I didn’t have enough time to manage all blogs. I failed to find supporting writers to produce content, so I must, reluctantly, prioritize some and put aside the others. However, I feel guilty as actually I really want to continue sharing about how to learn Indonesian or tell a bit stories of Indonesia.

Also, I was a bit disappointed with the hosting company where this blog was hosted, so I became lazy as it took an age even to open the dashboard.

So, now, even though the pandemic is still here and doesn’t show any signs to stop in near future, I decided to revive this dusty blog.

Even, I moved the server to stronger one, in Cloudways using Digital Ocean Server in Singapore. It cost me some money but I get what I always wanted speedy hosting like the famous Speedy Gonzalez.

The layout is changed as well as the last one is quite heavy. The new one like what you see is Generatepress. It’s fast.

The steps should also show my eagerness to restart immediately.

This is just the revival post to show that I will start again from what I left, a year ago.

I hope this time it will be more consistent.

See ya!

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