The Indonesian

Ojek Indonesia Motorcycle Taxi

Ojek : Indonesia Motorcycle Taxi

Ojek, or sometimes is spelled and written as ojeg, is a term often referred only to Indonesia Motorcycle Taxi. Actually,…

Delman - Indonesia traditional horse cart

Delman : Indonesia Traditional Horse Cart

Delman Delman is the common name for Indonesian traditional horse cart. I mentioned “common” because actually…

How to pronounce vowel I in Indonesian

How To Pronounce Vowel I In Indonesian

No. Not the way English speaker spell an I. Definitely not. It is not the correct way to pronounce vowel…

The meaning of Jabodetabek

The Meaning Of Jabodetabek

Jakarta Have you ever heard an Indonesian term “JABODETABEK”? If you read Indonesia’s English written newspaper,…

How TO Pronounce IVowel U In Indonesian

How To Pronounce Vowel U In Indonesian

How to pronounce vowel U in Indonesian? Actually, if you are an English speaker, you should already hear how the…

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