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How to spell vowel A in Indonesian

How To Spell Vowel A In Indonesian (With Voice)

How to spell vowel A in Indonesian? Definitely not difficult at all. After reading the explanation and also do some…

Indonesian Three Wheeler Becak - Ricksaw

The Old Indonesian Three Wheeler, Becak Is Not The Same As Ricksaw

Becak, the old Indonesian three wheeler, based on many English dictionary is often referred as rickshaw. Well, both are actually…

Indonesian Alphabets

How Many Are Indonesian Alphabets ?

Twenty Six! The answer to the question “How Many Are Indonesian Alphabets?” is twenty six. Indonesian language adopted the same…

Learn Indonesia

Why Should I Learn Indonesian ?

Indonesian Why should I learn Indonesian? Probably, this thought crawl to your mind when you find…

Maratua Island

The Beautiful Maratua Island

The beautiful landscape in Maratua Island – Photographer Tri Trisdiyanti What do you think about the…

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