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sitting on the train floor is prohibited but it doesnt mean anything for some people

Prohibited! Sitting On The Train Floor But Doesn’t Mean Anything For Some Indonesians

The Mentality. One of the key for a country to become a more civilized society is about the mentality of…

Lampung Motorized Three wheeler - Betor Becak bermotor

Introduce BETOR , Becak Bermotor (Motorized Threecycle/Three Wheeler)

Betor – Motorized becak in Lampung Betor is one type of public transportation mean quite popular…

angklung Indonesia Traditional Music Instrument A

Angklung : Indonesia Traditional Music Instrument

Girls of Bogor Center School Playing Angklung Angklung is a kind of traditional musical instrument which…

Kendang or Gendang - Indonesia Traditional Music Instrument A

Gendang or Kendang : Indonesia Traditional Music Instrument

Kendang Gendang or Kendang is an Indonesia traditional music instrument made from tree trunk whose inside…

mobile coffee kiosk in Jakarta A

Mobile Coffee Kiosk In Jakarta

Honestly, I couldn’t find similar term in English about a profession that I would like to write. Even after browsing…

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