Patuha White Crater – The Lake With Myth

Mount Patuha White Crater
Patuha White Crater – Photo by Herta Pari

Patuha White Crater is a lake inside a mountain. This is one favorite destination of people in West Java, especially Jakarta and Bandung region. But its name has been widely known due to its unique lake and beautiful view.

Why it is said to be “inside a mountain” because the location of Patuha White Crater is on the Mount Patuha.

The mountain is one of active volcanoes in West Java. The height of the mountain is more or less 2,386 M. Not the tallest one but on the common level of volcanoes in Java.

Patuha White Crater

Patuha White CraterThe crater itself is resided near the peak of the Mount Patuha. If it’s measured from sea level, the Patuha White Crater is at 2,090 M.

The crater was formed long time ago due to volcanic eruption, suspected to happen in 10th century. The eruption created a big hole inside the mountain and the hole later became a lake. That is a reason why this location is also known as Patuha White Lake.

The water inside the crater itself, the lake has unique characters. It changes the “color” many times daily. Sometimes, the surface has apple green tone, but not seldom cream or beige or like chocolate milk. However, the most often color can be seen is white.

At the low tide, the appearance of whiteness inside the crater has been dominated by white color. This is due to the white sand that is used to be covered by water appears.  Moreover, fogs are often appear hanging over the Patuha Mount. The domination of shade of white can not be challenged by other color.

That is why the place is called The Patuha White Crater or Lake.

The Myth

Patuha White Crater
Photo by Herta Pari

There is an urban legend or myth or whatever you want to say to be careful while visiting Patuha White Crater. You are expected not to say something improper or impolite while being there.

It is said that inside the lake, there is a kingdom of supernatural beings. The story circulated among local people that even a bird, fly over the lake, it will go down and die instantly.

Before 1837, the crater was almost never visited by people. However, in this year, Dr Franz Wilhem Junghuhn, a Dutch botanist and scientist broke down the wall by visiting the Patuha White Crater for research purpose.

Since, then people started to come again but the myth is still there, even until now.

The Patuha White Crater has been developedas a tourist destination in 1987 by the Government of Indonesia.


No worry. The Patuha White Crater is not too far from the Capital of West Java Province, Bandung. A big city. Only takes an hour (subject to no overcrowded traffic or holiday season)

So, the accommodation should not be a problem. Besides, there is several resort near the crater.

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