[PICTURES] River Gravel and Sand Miner

River Gravel and Sand Miner

Indonesia has been moving to a modern country direction. Digital life has been widely accepted with open hand. The style of life has been changed a lot compared to before twentieth century.

However, there are always some which can’t adapt with the situation and still live in the “past” Indonesia.

The above picture and the others inside this article showed one of them.

The man in the frames was doing gravel and sand mining in Ciliwung River that streamed through Bogor City, a city southern Jakarta and was known to be part of the Greater Jakarta. It is a modern city and the society adopted modern lifestyle.

He collected gravel and sand under the water to be sold to the nearby local building material shop.

What he does to earn a living once was a part of Indonesian society before the bulldozer and more modern equipment were introduced to mine sand. It was quite surprising to see what he did

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