The Popular And Beautiful Anyer Beach

The Anyer Beach

Anyer Beach – Feeling bored after your business meeting with clients in Jakarta? Or, you don’t like to be in the jammed or crowded streets of the Big Durian but the beautiful Bali is too far away ? May I suggest you not to worry.

There is still a place in the most populous islan in Java and not too far from Jakarta that can be your option for hideaway from the hustle-bustle of metropolitan life. Luckily, it is in a form of beach that may give you a feeling like you are in the God’s Island, Bali.

I am a bit exaggerating, I confess but it is quite similar to Bali’s beaches. White sand, beautiful views and landscape, nice accommodations, and other a beach usually has.

The place described is Anyer Beach.

It is not too far from Jakarta. You just need to take 2 hours car drive to the west direction and you can find the Anyer Beach. Don’t worry that your journey won’t be bumpy that may cause you nausea. The beach and Jakarta is connected with highway and also good roads, so you won’t feel “road” sickness to reach it.

Anyer beach is known as one of the popular tourist destination in Western Java. It’s located near the west end of the island.

It has several white sand beaches with beautiful landscape and that is quite nice and enjoyable. The place has been quite famous among domestic tourists and has been one of the popular destination to get wet or to build sand castles (and many other things I supposed)

Anyer Beach

Anyer beach actually consists of several beaches along the coastal line that can reach +- 5 kilometers.

For the beach are often visited not only by locals but also foreign tourists, there are aplenty of accommodation set up available along the beach. You can find easily any types of hotels, restaurants, or cafe that may suit you.

You may choose also whatever you want to do. If you just want to relax and enjoy the landscape, Anyer can provide you with those, especialy on the sunrise or sunset. The views are no less beautiful than what Bali’s beaches can offer.

If you need a bit game, you can just ask your hotel staffs to let you join some games like parasailing, banana boat, or any other games. If you feel the air is a bit too hot, why don’t you take a ride on banana boat and ask the speedboat driver to make sure that you get wet?

You may also try a massage at the beach as many local massagers will keep offering their service to visitors. It’s quite nice and cheap.

Anyer Beach

It’s not Bali, indeed. However, Anyer Beach can provide you a beach type relaxation which is surely much nicer experience than being stuck in the crowded city like Jakarta.


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