How To Praise Woman or Girl’s Beauty in Indonesian

how to praise Indonesian women or girl beauty

Praising a woman or a girl’s beauty is one of the most effective way to make an approach and open a conversation, everywhere. That means also in Indonesia.

Indonesian boys also often use the same way to approach girls they like by saying how beautiful or pretty a girl is. And, usually, the girl’s cheek will be blushed to hear such compliment.

If you are a foreigner and meet a pretty Indonesian lady or girl that attracts you, perhaps you should learn a bit about what boys in Indonesia say to beautiful girls or ladies.

There are few sentences, short ones that can be used to express your admiration to someone’s beauty.

Please try these sentences

  1. Kamu cantik : Ka – mu can – tik (You are beautiful/pretty)
  2. Kamu manis : Ka – mu ma – nis (You are sweet)
  3. Kamu imut : Ka – mu i – mut ( You are cute)
  4. Kamu sexy : Ka – mu se – xy (You are sexy)

Or, if she is not pretty nor beautiful but she is kind, then you can mention “Kamu baik” which means ” You are kind”.

Honest speaking, please bear the girl few moments after you say this sentence because, it may take 2-3 second before the girl can regain consciousness and reply to your statement. 😀

I believe you know that already that most of girls will be shy if someone gives them a compliment about their beauty, especially if you do it blatantly in front of public.

Please be prepared because sometimes the reaction can be very surprising.

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