What Does SAYA Mean? – Indonesian Pronouns #1


SAYA means I, or ME, or MY. Yes, this word can act as a subject at the beginning of a sentence, or at the end as an object, or to act as possessive pronoun. This word is classified as pronoun in Indonesian.

Different from an “I” in English, “saya” doesn’t have other forms.

Please see the below to have better understanding.

A subject : placed at the beginning of a sentence

  • Saya makan nasi – I eat rice
  • Saya pergi ke sekolah : I go to school

An Object : placed behind verb (Kata Kerja)

  • Pukul saya! (command) – Hit me !
  • Ia memberi saya sebuah buku – He/she gives me a book

A possessive pronoun : accompany/behind a noun

  • Buku sayamy book
  • Saudara sayamy relative

There is a synonim of “SAYA” in Indonesian. It is “AKU” which will be explained on separate article because there is a difference in using the word as a possessive pronoun.

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