The Meaning Of Jabodetabek

The meaning of Jabodetabek

Have you ever heard an Indonesian term “JABODETABEK”? If you read Indonesia’s English written newspaper, soemtimes, you may find this word. You should be asking what is the meaning of Jabodetabek.

You can open any Indonesian – English dictionary, either online or hard-copy one. Still, it is likely you will not find the meaning.

The reason is Jabodetabek is actually not a word. It is an abbreviation, well still a word but the one you can find on a dictionary.

Jabodetabek is firmed by the names of 5 cities. The first name is Jakarta, the “Ja”, The city can be considered as the center. The other four are the names of its 4 satellite cities, BOgor, DEpok, TAngerang, and BEkasi.

Bogor and Depok are located southern Jakarta. Bekasi is on the east side and Tangerang on the west side.

The 5 cities form what is often called by foreigner as The Greater Jakarta. However, in fact, there is no greater Jakarta. The idea that was generated by previous Governor of Jakarta, Sutiyoso, never came to realization. All satellite cities are still independent.

The the Greater Jakarta size, if it is realized, will be huge. I am not saying it is only in term of territory but also the population. Jakarta itself has more than 10 million people. Bogor, both Residence and Municipalities, are the place for almost 5 millions. Bekasi recorded the number of 2.7 million. Tangerang has almost 3.2 millions and the last one, Depok accomodates almost 2 millions.

In total, the population inside Jabodetabek exceeds 20 millions, more than New York and at the same level of Mumbai.

That is the meaning of Jabodetabek.

So, if you find again this “word” when you are reading our English newspaper, now you already know what it means.

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