The Most Dangerous Sport in Indonesia : Football #PrayforKanjuruhan

The Most Dangerous Sport in Indonesia Football #PrayforKanjuruhan

People may argue a lot about this but a yesterday event happened in Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang, East Java showed that football is the winner for “The Most Dangerous Sport in Indonesia”.

As of today, when this writing is published, there have been 124 victims who lost their lives. Wounded are not yet confirmed but it’s expected to be hundreds. The number is expected to grow as many are still unfounded.

The tragedy occurred just moments after the host, Arema FC (Malang City) lost to its rival, Persebaya FC (Surabaya). Both are football clubs in East Java. Thousands of emotional fans poured to the pitch and chase players and officials.

The action pushed the police to the limit and caused them to throw tear gas that created panic mob in the stadium. Thousands of people tried to flee out through several exit door and got trapped in the thousands of panic mobs.

Many stadium facilities were also destroyed as well as police cars and other public facilities.

Some footage has been spiraling in Indonesia social media and displaying what horror happened in the stadium since yesterday.

You can see two of them here.

The number of the victims is the highest in any sport in Indonesia. What make it worst is that this is not the first time , the type of tragedy happened in this country. Many similar cases, that caused people die have happened in Indonesia football history.

Hooliganism, fanatism, and also lack of sportsmanship have been the culprit for most of the cases. Fans can’t accept the loss of their favorite club has been known to push many fans to destruct what they found, including taking life of opponent fans.


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