How To Say I Love You In Indonesian

How to say I love you in Indonesian 01To Say I love You In Indonesian – Love is something that can not predicted its arrival in our life. Nobody knows when they fall in love with someone.

You may get caught by cupid’s arrow while you are here, in Indonesia. Indonesian girls are known to be pretty,beautiful and cute. It won’t wonder me, if you are fallen for them.

Isn’t it a problem? Not at all. It is a bless. Love is more a bless than a curse. However, it doesn’t mean you won’t face problems. Before you meet their parents which will surely cause you much headache, probably the nearest problem you have to solve is to let her know about your affection, your love for her.

How can you do that?

One sentence is enough. Of course it needs to be accompanied with many more, but at least as a beginning, the sentence should be fine.

In English, people will use “I Love You”.

But, hang on, please.

You are in Indonesia. Probably, the cute lady may not understand English. This mean you should utter it in Indonesian.

In this case, probably a bit knowledge about how to say I LOVE YOU in Indonesian will be priceless. Am I correct?

So, please just see the below 5 expressions commonly used by Indonesian to let their feeling known by their loved ones.

5 Expressions to say I Love You in Indonesian

How to say I love you in Indonesian 02

Before you prepare a nosegay, please make sure you remember, at least one of the below mentioned expressions.

No need to say all and just choose the best for you.

Saya suka kamu (Sa-ya su-ka ka-mu)

Equal to “I like you”. The expression is commonly used by teenager or high school lovers. That’s why it’s not too convincing if it is used for adult female/girls.

Probably, the next ones should be more suitable.

Saya sayang kamu (Sa-ya sa-yang ka-mu)

The sentence is more strong to say your affection. But, there is still a “but” because it can be interpreted that “you care of her”. So, depend on the situation, if in romantic room or atmosphere, then it won’t be misunderstood, it can mean “I LOVE YOU”.

Saya butuh kamu (Sa-ya bu-tuh ka-mu)

With a whispering voice, and if you kneel in front of her, this expression should be so powerful. You can transfer to her about how desperate you are to have her in your life.

Saya menginginkanmu (Sa-ya me-ngi-ngin-kan-mu)

I want you! Strong and demanding. However, probably if you are a beginner in Indonesian, it is a bit difficult to say. This may even disturb the romantic atmosphere you set up. So, please just use this as your reference.

The last expression to say I Love You in Indonesian is

Saya cinta kamu (Sa-ya cin-ta ka-mu)

This is best expression to show your affection to your loved one. Almost no chance it will be misunderstood. This is exactly the same as I Love You.

However, this sentence can also be used by a mother to her children.

If you don’t know how to say them, please check this audio. However, definitely you should not follow my intonation. It’s too flat and nobody will fall for you if you just copy how I pronounce them. It’s for learning purpose.

You need more full of passion, full of love. Whispering or softly tone is recommended. I suggest to bring flowers or invite her to a romantic place.

Anyway, please listen to the audio.

Once again, say it with passion in front of your loved one.

Cheers mate!

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  1. How do you say “I love you” to a friend so it does not have any romantic meaning at all but shows you care about their well being? Please email the answer if you can. Thank you!

    • You can say “Aku sayang kamu”. You can say this to friends.


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