Tomohon Buddhayana Temple And Ekayana Pagoda

Tomohon Buddhayana TempleTomohon Buddhayana Temple – People overseas may have heard a lot about Indonesia, especially about the intolerance shown to minority. However, when you drive along Tomohon Road, you may see something, somehow should show you how tolerant society Indonesians are.

While you are entering an area named Kakaskasen, there is a place, a nice and beautiful one that deserves your visit. Besides, after seeing quite extreme images in Tomohon Traditional Market, this place place should relax your tensed nerve. Both are in the same city, Tomohon, North Sulawesi.

In this Kakaskasen area, that lies between Mount Lokon and this Mahawu, stands a monastery or a temple . The existence of a place for Buddhist or Taoist worshipers here is very special considering the majority in Tomohon are Christians. The temple stands among churches, something that show tolerance among Tomohon people.

The History Of Buddhayana Temple

Tomohon Ekayana PagodaThe actual and chronological historuy about the set up of the temple is not known. However, the Buddhayana Temple is said to have existed since the 80’ss. However, it was only inaugurated in 2009 by the Governor of North Sulawesi, Sarundayang.

Originally, the temple was intended for Taoist worshiper but nowadays, it serves Buddhists as well.

The Buddhayana Temple should open the eyes of the world that the Minahasa / North Sulawesi community has long lived in difference.It is unlike what foreign media usually blows up about the conflict among Indonesian people due to religions.

The Unique Lohan Statues

Tomohon Buddhayana Temple
The Lohan

Entering the temple complex, visitors will be greeted by 18 statues of Lohan. Lohan is namely a symbol or a representation of a sinner who is enlightened and return to the right way, There are 18 statues symbolized 18 enlightened sinners,

Statues of gold Lohans are created with high artistic taste. The gesture and visage of each character is shown remarkably and strongly on the face of the statue.

The name of the 18 Lohan statues are Nantimiloto, Angida, Pindola, Pantha the Elder, Asita, Nagasane, Pantha the Younger, Rahula, Gobaka, Nakula, Vanavasa, Fajraputra, Bodhidarma, Katikam Nadimitra, Kanaka The Bharadavaja, The Vatsa, and Pindola The Bharadavaja.

Lohan statues were particularly so attractive , especially because all are located against the background of the stunning beauty of Mount Lokon.

Tomohon Buddhayana TempleWhile across the Lohan Statues, the main building stands which is called the Palace of the Goddess Kwan Im.

At the Palace of the Goddess Kwan Im , there is an altar with a large size statue of Buddha . Right in front it, lays a statue of Kwan Im in a smaller size. The altar is used to worship Buddha and seek blessings from God.

Uniquely, visitors entering the Palace of Kwan Im Goddess are welcome to do Ciam Si.

Ciam si is a kind of fortune telling. It is done by taking one of the many rolls of paper contained in a container. Inside the paper rolls , there are words of wisdom from Buddha.  Buddhists believe those words to be the words that can solve the problems being faced by a person.

Kwan Im Palace - Buddhayana TempleAnother part of the Buddhayana Temple is a pagoda. Ekayana Pagoa.

The pagoda has 8 levels. It is also a place for Buddha worshiper. Interestingly, each visitor may enter and see the beauty of Mount Lokon from the top floor of the pagoda.

Not far from the sit ofe Ekayana Pagoda, there is a pool equipped with fountains.

The pool, which is believed to bring good luck and fortune , is decorated with a statue of giant frog-headed dragon.

The statue symbolizes good luck.

The Giant Turtle Statue
Photo by Kodrat Wibowo

On the sides of the pool there is an inscription that mentions all the goodness of the world, such as longevity, rank, wealth, luck, and happy. Buddhists who come normally would throw coins into the pool before prayer and supplication.

Isn’t it a nice place? You should put The Buddhayana Temple into a place to visit during your time in Tomohon.

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