Unique Signs On Indonesia Commuter Train

Indonesia Commuter Train

Unique Signs – Every society has its own set of signs or symbols as representatives of law or regulation. Most of the signs are made considering habit or custom in specific society.

It is often than on sign or symbol made up for one society can not be understood by people who are not members of the society.

Indonesia Commuter Train , for example, is one of them who produced quite unique signs or symbols. There are several signs or symbols provided by them look strange and weird. Those unique signs even have raised many questions from passengers who are not regular users of the service.

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Please take a look three of them

4 Unique signs On Indonesia Commuter Train

Do Not Sit … On the Floor

Unique signs on Indonesia Commuter Train

What do you think if you see this sign?

Can’t passengers sit? Of course, if there are still empty seats all can sit, relax and enjoy the ride.

However, as also in many other countries, seats on commuter train are always limited. The mass transport system is focused more to carry as many passengers as possible. Comfort or convenience is not considered as important.

Quite different from other, trips using commuter train is quite exhausting. The longest distance of a journey can reach more than 50 kilometers. The longest time of travel can be more than 1.5 hours. If delay happens, it can be more than 2-3 hours.

This situation has encouraged, “creative” passengers, to find a solution for themselves. They bring a portable chair, a fishing type chair. or, They sit on the floor.

This can minimize the fatigue caused by long journey. Unfortunately, this has also created problems and conflicts between passengers.

The portable chair passengers occupied more space than the ones who stand. It was quite a disturbance, especially in crowded conditions.

This sign is to prohibit the usage of portable chair or sitting on train floor.

Do Not Perform

Unique signs on Indonesia Commuter Train

You are a musician and can not live without your guitar. This sign may cause a worry to you.

Please don’t.

The unique sign doesn’t prohibit you to bring your “weapon” to any train. As long as you don’t consider the train as a stage where you can perform.

The sign was made based on a habit in the past that train floor was used as a stage for many street performers. They did to sing songs and collect changes or coins from passengers.

Some were enjoyable but many were not. They caused lots of nuisance for passengers.

Do Not Trade

Unique Signs On Indonesia Commuter Train

Can you imagine sellers walk back and forth from one train to another during your trip? You may not be able to think about that.

But, it happened before.

Trains were considered as a good place to earn a living by some people. They sell many types of merchandises on trains, from fruit, clothes and various things. The acts were done, not only when trains were on station but also during trips.

Can you think how uncomfortable for passengers to,even, stand when someone tried to breach crowds? Very.

The last is not quite unique. Many public transportations around the world have decided the same.

No Pets .. Or Livestock

Unique signs

This unique sign is commonly interpreted as NO PETS.

However, on Indonesia Commuter Train, this should be interpreted wider. No livestock are allowed.

Indonesian never brought pets to their office or wherever they work. They keep them at home.

This unique sign was based on the fact that commuter trains are often used to carry livestock by passengers.

You can name chickens, ducks, eel, goats and even frogs. Many people from suburb areas of Jabodetabek (the Greater Jakarta) live as farmer. The cheapest transportation for them to reach markets were by using trains. Therefore, they carried the livestock on board of trains.

You can imagine how the situation on the trains when human were mixed with livestock. You can hear ducks quacking, chickens gobbling and various animal sound.

How do I know the stories behind the background making? Because I experienced all of them. I’ve been a commuter using trains daily since more than 27 years. So, you can consider the stories coming from reliable source.. :D.

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