This Video Showing How Beautiful Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia Is

This Video Showing How Beautiful Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia Is

One of places I dream to visit is still in Indonesia, Raja Ampat, Papua. Many news and stories heard from anyone who had a chance to come to the place made were more or less similar. They were so amazed by what they’d seen and enjoyed during their time in the place.

Clean water. Culture of the indigenous. White sand beach. Marvelous wildlife. And, so on.

Not having been given a chance due to budget limitation (it is not cheap to go to the eastern part of Indonesia, the cost can be even higher than going to Hongkong), i made an online travel inside internet world. There had to be someone who already visited the place and brought their camera and captured what they saw in Raja Ampat.

Luckily, I found one. It was not made by tourists but by Indonesia Ministry of Tourism. Surely, it was made by profesionals and they should have spent lots of money, time and energy to make this video. This video may just emphasize about how beautiful Raja Ampat is (as it is their job to promote tourist destinations in this country).

However, this should video confirms what people, who have visited Raja Ampat, told.

Here is the video (embed from Youtube)

Amazing, right?

This is one reason why I will keep my dream to go to this place alive. It is definitely an amazing place.

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