What Does KAMU Mean? – Indonesian Pronoun #3


KAMU means “YOU” or “YOURS” in Indonesian language. The word is a personal pronoun used for 2nd person. It can be used as a subject , object , or even possessive pronoun with the same form. However, if it is used to show possession, formally, it should change to shorter form “MU” and attached to a NOUN.

For example :

As a Subject

Kamu must be put at the beginning of a sentence

  • Kamu cantik – You are beautiful/pretty
  • Kamu pandai – You are clever

As an Object

Kamu is placed behind a verb

  • Saya sayang kamu – I love you
  • Dia benci kamu – He/she hates you

As a Possessive Pronoun

Form 1 : Noun + “MU”

  • Saya pinjam bukumu – I borrow your book (buku = book)
  • Mobil itu adalah mobilmu – That car is your car (mobil = car)

Form 2 : Noun + KAMU

This form is actually an informal one and not following the formal grammar of Indonesian. However, recently people often this form more than the correct one.

  • Saya pinjam buku kamu – I borrow your book
  • Mobil itu mobil kamu – That car is your car

How to pronounce KAMU? You should first try to pronounce vowel A and U first. Please klik the blue link to learn about that.

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