What Does KAU Mean ? – Indonesian Pronoun #4

what does kau mean - indonesian pronoun 01

KAU means YOU in Indonesian. It is the 2nd person pronoun and it can replace KAMU as a subject or object.

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However, not like KAMU, KAU is never used to show possession. Theoretically, it can be used but practically it’s very seldom used. Only in several dialects, like Batak, North Sumatera, Kau is often used as possessive pronoun.

In daily conversation. Indonesians utilize KAMU more than KAU. Only when they are in anger, sometimes, they use KAU.

How to pronounce KAU?

Easy. Do you remember how to pronounce “SAW”, then just replace the sound of S with K.

How to use KAU?

As a subject : in front of a verb

For example :

  • KAU harus pergii – You have to go (harus = have to, pergi = go)
  • KAU nakal – You are naughty (Nakal = Naughty)

As an object : behind/following a verb

  • Saya benci KAU – I hate you (Saya = I , benci = hate)
  • Saya butuh KAU – I need you (Saya = I, butuh = need)

As a possessive pronoun : UNCOMMON

It is not wrong but you may never hear Indonesian use KAU this way.

  • Itu buku KAU – That is your book (Itu = That, buku = book)

That is what KAU mean in Indonesian.

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